What's New in SmartSVN 11

SVN 1.11 Compatibility

SmartSVN 11 is compatible with SVN 1.11. On Windows, SASL is supported.

SmartSVN 11 supports SVN 1.11.
Option to increase external definition revision committing to a fixed-revision external.

Commit to External Improved

When committing to an external that is configured to be a fixed revision (recommended), the revision of the external definition now is updated. Before (and by SVN default) it did not increase, so a recursive update would bring back the previous (old) revision. Now it is easier to commit the external definition change, too, because it already points to the correct (new) revision.

What's New in SmartSVN 9.3

Reworked Compare

The compare algorithm has been improved to detect in-line changes over the entire block (not just line-wise as in earlier versions). This works faster and gives better results, e.g., for reformatted code blocks.

Smarter compare results for clearer understanding what has been changed.
The Changes view now optionally hides unchanged lines.

Changes: Compact Display

The Changes view optionally can hide unchanged lines.

Update and Merge: Quick Access

The Update and Merge toolbar buttons now have a popup (shown by holding the mouse-button pressed for a moment) for quick access of most likely options, e.g. merging the last 3 branches.

The Update and Merge toolbar buttons now have a popup menu for quicker access.
Commit wizard with activated line-length-guide.

Commit: Line-length Guide

It is possible to use the compare font in the commit input fields and show a line-length guide to make it easier to not exceed the configured line-length.

Find Action

The Find Action menu item (Ctrl + F1) is perfect for keyboard-savvy users to quickly access menu items or to learn the accelerators.

Quickly find menu items.

Many more...

For a complete list of all changes, please refer to the Change Log.

What's New in SmartSVN 9.2

Dark theme

Dark Theme

SmartSVN now supports an operating-system independent dark theme.

Conflict Solver: show base file

From the Conflict Solver, you can now open an additional three-way-comparison for the conflict base file.

This becomes useful when investigating complex conflicts for which the file has been significantly changed in both branches.

Conflict Solver Base File
Log: Compare Revisions

Log: Compare Revisions

The repository file/directory comparison can be invoked directly from within the Log.

Compare: optionally show current line and its counterpart one above the other

In the bottom area of a compare view you will now find an optional vertically arranged single-line comparison for the currently selected line.

Compare: optionally show current line and its counterpart one above the other