SmartSVN Screenshot

The popular Subversion client for macOS, Windows and Linux.

Available free of charge for

  • active open-source developers
  • students and employees of academic institutions
  • certain charity organizations

Beginners can start quickly, Experts become more productive.

Why use SmartSVN?

Work Your Own Way.

As a standalone GUI or integrated into the operating system. On the platform of your choice.

Familiar Concepts.

Continue to work with concepts you're already familiar with from other version control systems.

Stay Up-To-Date.

SmartSVN keeps you up-to-date on SVN activities of your team members and projects.

Effective GUI.

Attention to detail is what lifts SmartSVN well above the average SVN client.


You can change keyboard shortcuts, SVN defaults or define external tools.

You Won't Be Alone.

Everyone can get really stuck sometimes. Our legendary email support will get you back on track.