Terms of Sale

Important: The following terms and conditions of sale will only apply, when directly purchasing from us, but not when purchasing from a reseller like Cleverbridge.

These English terms of sale are a translation of the German terms of sale. Valid for all legal relationships are only the German terms of sale, the English version is just given for your convenience.

1 General Clauses

1.1 These terms of sale of the syntevo GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "SYNTEVO") apply to licensing software copyrighted by SYNTEVO (hereinafter referred to as "Software") to companies, legal entities under public law or public legal fund assets in the meaning of §310 in connection to §14 German BGB (hereinafter referred to as "Customer") and for trainings.

1.2 Hereby the inclusion of own conditions of the Customer are denied, except their applicability was explicitely agreed by SYNTEVO. These terms even apply, if SYNTEVO knows about opposed conditions or from these conditions differing conditions of the Customer and SYNTEVO delivers to the Customer without special reservation.

2 Contract Completion

2.1 All offers and price lists of SYNTEVO, including those on the SYNTEVO website, are not binding (so-called "invitatio ad offerendum") as long as they do not become part of a contract agreement. The product presentation on the SYNTEVO website serves to issue an offer to buy. By sending a purchase order to SYNTEVO the Customer issues a binding offer to buy. A purchase contract will only be created by SYNTEVOs order confirmation or by SYNTEVOs delivery.

2.2 If SYNTEVO arranges special conditions, they basically do not apply to other currently existing or future contracts with the Customer.

3 Prices and Payment Conditions

3.1 If not specified otherwise, the given prices are net-Euro-prices, not including the German value-added tax (VAT). Packing and shipping costs, insurance (especially transport insurance), customs and taxes will be charged additionally. The Customer has to pay possible bank fees for his bank.

3.2 The buying price is due with the receipt of the Software, training fees are due after registration. The payment has to be made until the forteenth calender day after the invoice date, unless specified differently on the invoice.

3.3 A payment is valid as soon as the equivalent value has been credited to one of SYNTEVOs bank accounts. In case of delay in payment SYNTEVO claims 12% interest of late payment. Further legal rights of SYNTEVO in case of delay in payment remain untouched. Provided that invoices are overdue, incoming payments will be first reckoned up to expenses and interests, then on the oldest demand.

3.4 Should unexpectable expense increases occur (e.g. currency fluctuations, unexpected price increases of suppliers), SYNTEVO is entitled to pass the price increase to the Customer.

4 Provision of Software

4.1 Rights of Use

The Customer receives rights of use on the Software according to the license agreements of the Software. The license agreements can be found at SYNTEVOs website and can be downloaded and printed.

4.2 Delivery and Shipping Conditions, Transfer of Risks

4.2.1 Unless specified otherwise the Software will be delivered with the current version at the date of delivery.

4.2.2 SYNTEVO delivers the Software at their own choice on a maschine-readable data medium including documentation or by making the Software accessible electronically (e.g. by email, download) and informing the Customer about accessing details.

4.2.3 For compliance of delivery dates and transfer of risks the date of the transfer to the haulage contractor is relevant, for electronic delivery the time of making the Software available and informing the Customer about it. If the Software or documentation will be damaged or destroyed after the transfer of risk, SYNTEVO delivers a replacement by the Customer refunding the copy and shipping costs.

4.2.4 As long as SYNTEVO

  1. a) is waiting for the contribution or information of the Customer or
  2. b) is hampered in its service by strike or lockout in third-party companies or in the SYNTEVO company (in the latter case only if the labor dispute is legal), magisterial intervention, legal prohibitions or other circumstances through no fault of SYNTEVO ("act of God")

delivery and service dates will be prolonged by the period of hampering and a reasonable time after hampering ("downtime"); for the length of the downtime SYNTEVO does not breach of duty. SYNTEVO immediately informs the Customer about such hamperings and their estimated length. If the hampering by act of God takes longer than 3 months uninterrupted, the Customer and SYNTEVO are no longer bound by their contractional duties.

4.3 Property Reservation

SYNTEVO retains the ownership on the ceded program copies and the owed rights of use of the Software until complete payment.

4.4 Responsibility of Deficiencies

SYNTEVO is liable for functional and legal deficiencies as follows:

4.4.1 A non-substantial deficiency does not entitle the Customer to refuse the acceptance of the service subject.

4.4.2 If the Software contains a deficiency of substance, this does not justify making a complaint about the whole delivery. Something different only applies if the partial delivery is of no interest to the Customer. Beyond that the Customer only is allowed to retain payments if they are in reasonable proportion to the appeared functional deficiency. If SYNTEVO cedes the Software for free, SYNTEVO can only be made liable for intent or gross negligence.

4.4.3 Beyond that claims of defects do not cover non-reproducible Software errors, Software which is used by the Customer on not agreed systems or changed Software without SYNTEVOs consent, unless the Customer proves that this usage or change is not causing the deficiency.

4.4.4 SYNTEVO has the choice between rework or compensation delivery.

4.4.5 The Customer is committed to take up a new Software version, if the range of functions remains according to the contract and taking up does not cause relevant disadvantages to the Customer.

4.4.6 The statutory period of limitation for claims of defects for new service objects is limited to one year from the transfer of risk. The legal statutory period of limitation for claims of recourse according to §478 German BGB remains untouched as well as the legal German provisions about the stop of expiry and the restart of time limits.

4.4.7 Preceding limitations of liability in the sections 4.4.1 and 4.4.6 do not apply to claims of damages or expenses, for which the Customer can assert a claim according to the legal German provisions. For those claims section 6 applies.

4.4.8 If the Customer is a merchant in the meaning of §1 of the German HGB, the Customer is bound to the testing and complaint obligations according to §377 German HGB. If the Customer omits these complaint obligations, the service subjects are passed as approved.

4.4.9 If the supplementary performance is done as a Software update, the Customer has to delete the first received Software after receiving of the update or to send back the data medium. The rights of use on the replaced Software expires.

4.4.10 If in the purpose of supplementary performance SYNTEVO delivers a Software with more features than the replaced Software, SYNTEVO may charge an additional compensation.

4.4.11 The Customer must not assign the claims of defects to a third party.

4.4.12 Product and other feature descriptions of SYNTEVO do not define quality or durability warranties in the meaning of §443 German BGB. The contractional parties agree, that a warranty statement in the meaning of §443 German BGB is only defined by using the word "Garantie" and in compliance with the formal regulations in §477.

5 Trainings

SYNTEVO organizes on-site and online training. The following conditions apply:

5.1 Registrations

5.1.1 Registrations must be made in writing, by fax or email. By registering, the customer accepts these conditions of attendance. The receipt of a confirmation is considered as acceptance of the registration.

5.1.2 A reserved training seat for a certain attendee can be transferred free of charge to another person if SYNTEVO is informed in advance. If the event fee according to section 3.2 is not paid on time, SYNTEVO is entitled to refuse the person's attendance in the event; further claims remain unaffected.

5.2 Attendance Fees

5.2.1 To the extent that a training is not conducted online, the attendance fee includes a copy of the training materials as well as the daily meals. Travel or accommodation costs are not included. These must be booked and paid by the customer himself, unless otherwise agreed in individual cases.

5.2.2 In the case of online trainings, the customer receives the training documents in electronic form.

5.3 Cancellations

5.3.1 Cancellations of the registration are only possible in writing.

5.3.2 For cancellations for a training

5.3.3 The above mentioned cancellation rules do not apply if a substitute attendee is named.

5.4 Modification and Cancellation of events by SYNTEVO

SYNTEVO is entitled to cancel the event up to 14 days before the scheduled start without notice, to relocate it or alternatively to offer a different date. In this case, the fees already paid will be fully refunded. Further claims are excluded. Also for important reason, for e.g. illness of speakers or too few participants, SYNTEVO can cancel events at short notice; in this case fees already paid will also be fully refunded. Further claims are excluded, unless the customer proves that further damage has been caused by the cancellation of SYNTEVO. This exclusion does not apply to malice, promises of guaranty, intent and gross negligence, or to injury to life, body or health and not to mandatory liability such as the German ProdHaftG.

5.5 Rights to training materials and training software

5.5.1 SYNTEVO grants the attendee the non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable and non-assignable right to use the training materials provided as part of the event. This right also includes tools such as electronic presentation files and patterns used for training. Reproduction of the training materials and use for educational purposes is expressly prohibited.

5.5.2 For a training that is not conducted online, SYNTEVO grants the attendee the

right to use the training software, that is, to temporarily store and load it, display it, and run it. Any other use is excluded. Deviations from these terms of use require the agreement in an individual contract.

5.6 Liability for breach of duty

5.6.1 If an event is not conducted as contractually agreed for reasons for which SYNTEVO is responsible, SYNTEVO is obliged to conduct the event within a reasonable period of time at no additional cost for the customer. The prerequisite for this is a customer's reprimand, which must be carried out without delay, within two weeks of the customer's knowledge at latest. If the contractual agreed fulfillment of the event for reasons for which SYNTEVO is responsible can not materially be fulfilled, even within a reasonable extension of time set by the customer, the customer is entitled to terminate the contract without notice. In this case, SYNTEVO is entitled to be paid for the services rendered up to the coming into effect of the agreement on the basis of the contract.

5.6.2 The remuneration is canceled only for such services, for which the customer proves within 4 weeks after the announcement of termination that they are not usable for him and without interest. The right to extraordinary cancellation due to important cause remains unaffected.

5.6.3 An extraordinary cancellation by the customer presupposes an unsuccessful warning. SYNTEVO is entitled to be paid for the services provided until the termination of the agreement on the basis of the contract. Further claims of the customer due to breach of duty are excluded. This exclusion does not apply to malice, promises of guaranty, intent and gross negligence, or to injury to life, body or health and not to mandatory liability such as the German ProdHaftG.

6 Other liability

6.1 The liability for breaches of duty in the conducting of trainings is regulated in section 5.6. In addition, SYNTEVO is liable to the customer for damage and reimbursement of vainly expenses only for the damage caused by its legal representatives or its executing assistants, whether caused by intent or by gross negligence,

6.1.1 according to the German ProdHaftG and

6.1.2 for damages or injury of life, the body or health, which is caused by SYNTEVO, its legal representatives or its executing assistants.

6.2 SYNTEVO is only liable for plain negligence, if SYNTEVO has violated an important contractional duty. This liability is for material-damages and actual loss limited to the contract-typcial and predictable damage or loss. This applies also to loss of profit and stayed away savings. The liability for further consequential loss or damage is precluded. The liability according to section 6.1.1 remains untouched by this section.

6.3 For loss of data SYNTEVOs liability is limited to the expenses which would have been necessary for restoring the data from a proper (at least daily) done backup.

6.4 For a warranty statement SYNTEVO is only liable for damages, if this is explicitly mentioned in the warranty statement. This liability is covered by plain negligence by section 6.2.

7 Limitation of Claims

Claims, except those from section 4.4, expire 3 years after gaining knowledge, however at the latest after 8 years after the latest agreed date of service delivery. This does not apply for intent or if the claim is covered by the German ProdHaftG.

8 Privacy Policy

The privacy statement of the SYNTEVO applies, as it is available at https://www.syntevo.com/privacy-policy/

9 Compensation and Withholding

9.1 The Customer is only entitled to withholding, if the demand is undisputed, having the force of law or is accepted by SYNTEVO. The Customer only is allowed to make use of his right of withholding for demands from the same contractional relationship.

9.2 Due to deficiencies payments only might be retained by the Customer, if the withholding is in a reasonable relation to the deficiency and only, if the deficiency is undoubtedly present. Section 4.4.1, sentence 1, applies accordingly.

10 Applicable Law

10.1 For all legal relationships between the contractional parties the German law is applicable with the exclusion of the laws of international sale of movable goods.

10.2 If the Customer is a merchant, legal entity under public law or public legal fund assets, the exclusive court of jurisdiction for all disputes of this contract is SYNTEVOs principal office. The same applies if the Customer does not have a general court of jurisdiction in Germany or the Customers address or common whereabouts are unknown at the time of indictment. SYNTEVOs authority to take a different court remains untouched.

10.3 SYNTEVO is neither committed nor willing to participate in a dispute settlement proceeding at a consumer arbitration board.