Bug Reports

Please report bugs by contacting the support team.

Try to provide as much problem-related information as possible, such as

  • the exact steps you've taken,
  • the log files,
  • the exact version of SmartSVN you are using.

Paid Support (How-to)

If you have purchased a license and need support, contact the support team.

Community Mailing List

For discussing enhancements, feature requests or problems please use the SmartSVN forum (subscribe, send email).

Go to SmartSVN forum


Resellers, please take a look at our reseller information.

For purchase-related questions, e.g. extending a license, please contact our sales team.

If you don't get an answer from us, please check your spam-filter and ensure that mails from smartsvn.com are not blocked. Try using an alternative email address from a different domain, e.g. your private address.