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Version 11.0.2 (Change Log)
Download for Windows
Windows 7+, Installer  
Size: 31,126,202 Bytes
SHA-1: e5a0a62b9d620d663add0b2c5f67c366906c161f
Portable Bundle
Windows 7+, Archive (zip)  
Size: 44,702,306 Bytes
SHA-1: a699fb7c8c7d67f6af1b5031d8cfbd2e2e99b497
Download for macOS
macOS 10.11 - 10.14, Archive (dmg)  
Size: 33,763,726 Bytes
SHA-1: ce6658d171bf32810b7ecee37b6aba71631b18a5
Download for Linux
Linux, Archive (tar.gz)  
Size: 53,584,705 Bytes
SHA-1: ff9fd406d676bec0c17854a2cb37cc9c9cd06010
Debian Bundle
Linux, Archive (deb)  
Size: 36,627,178 Bytes
SHA-1: da39a640958c210d2541eb2f47aa41397d457627

SmartSVN starts with free evaluation mode for the Professional edition for 30 days and, if not registered, will continue with the free Foundation edition.

Download SVN 1.11.0 Binaries

Download for Windows
Windows 7+, 64-bit, Archive (zip)  
Size: 6,832,186 Bytes
SHA-1: facd298c4e05dbdc1cbfb12c42f0e354d883d135
32-bit Bundle
Windows 7+, 32-bit, Archive (zip)  
Size: 5,706,346 Bytes
SHA-1: 81318fd7a96940ce193017a042f2fde27ad53e0e
Download for macOS
OS X 10.11+, Archive (tar.gz)  
Size: 10,554,940 Bytes
SHA-1: 34fd8253c8afd2ab1aa25f6c2adba35387055458