Download SmartSVN 14.2

Version 14.2.1 (Change Log)
Download for Windows
Windows 7+ (64-bit), Installer  
Size: 37,189,651 Bytes
SHA-1: 7b3ecff3e03028cb12d640c2379f9f44964b589f
Portable Bundle
Windows 7+ (64-bit), Archive (7z)  
Size: 52,048,239 Bytes
SHA-1: c83460d743099df3202c7efc82bee4ef63cd8214
Download for macOS
macOS 10.13 - 12, Archive (dmg)  
Size: 42,247,785 Bytes
SHA-1: 497fe9b61417b784009785aa7ddb1c9c9f1c6a80
Bundle for ARM64/M1
macOS 11 - 12, Archive (dmg)  
Size: 45,768,096 Bytes
SHA-1: 2954eb1de89ac07391e3edc3eac71462eaa81319
Download for Linux
Linux (64-bit, GTK 3.20+), Archive (tar.gz)  
Size: 50,721,995 Bytes
SHA-1: ddefd1524ff4d3328e86b12d141b442342b3a4a4
Debian Bundle (not recommended)
Linux (64-bit, GTK 3.20+), Archive (deb)  
Size: 50,726,602 Bytes
SHA-1: 7a481ad2b7da1de6cfb6668fc53e5a142f74f893

SmartSVN starts with free evaluation mode for the Professional edition for 30 days and, if not registered, will continue with the free Foundation edition.

Installation Instructions

If you have an older SmartSVN version installed, exit SmartSVN (Windows and Linux: using Repositories | Exit, macOS: using Cmd+Q). On Windows, also uninstall the previous SmartSVN version and reboot before installing the new one.

Windows (installer bundle)

  • unpack the downloaded zip file,
  • launch the installer and follow the instructions

Windows (portable bundle)

  • unpack the downloaded zip file into an arbitrary directory of your choice (don't unpack over an existing installation!),
  • start SmartSVN: invoke bin\smartsvn.exe


  • double-click the downloaded dmg file
  • copy the contained application directory structure to a directory of your choice (typically /Applications)
  • if you prefer, drag & drop the application to the dock to create an icon

Linux (tar.gz bundle)

  • unpack the downloaded file into a directory of your choice (don't unpack over an existing installation!):
    tar xzf <smartsvn*.tar.gz>
  • start SmartSVN: invoke bin/
  • create SmartSVN menu item: invoke
  • remove SmartSVN menu item: invoke

Linux (deb bundle)

  • install SmartSVN:
    sudo dpkg -i <smartSVN*.deb>
  • if some dependencies are unmet, invoke
    sudo apt --fix-broken install

Download SVN 1.14.1 Binaries

Download for Windows
Windows 7+, 64-bit, Archive (zip)  
Size: 7,078,897 Bytes
SHA-1: c74bb1bd2b97e3424a8378924ca2b9b5089af33d
Download for macOS
OS X 10.13+, Archive (tar.gz)  
Size: 7,738,575 Bytes
SHA-1: 031382efd081eb5dd9a0d757e8a9148b212884e0
Download for Linux
Linux (64 bit), Archive (tar.gz)  
Size: 5,459,269 Bytes
SHA-1: 75e5d3fba02745f1560849819c94249c56fe916d