Download SmartSVN 9.2

Version 9.2.2 (Change Log)
Download for Windows
Windows 7+, Installer  
Size: 39,365,782 Bytes
SHA: 756a913be3a80e66188e8e9355713363de9d6d69
Portable Archive (zip)
Windows 7+  
Size: 53,876,525 Bytes
SHA: 0e0f2b33a75ffec77a47a873ae5f3a75826b4aff
Download for macOS
Mac OS 10.7.3 - 10.13, Archive (dmg)  
Size: 70,146,665 Bytes
SHA: 3c79cbf2e12f6d5bdd8bbe015a20df409fc26de9
Download for Linux
Linux, Archive (tar.gz)  
Size: 33,462,274 Bytes
SHA: 18dce966fe29008bfb8f1095cefe3c59f9b7002c

SmartSVN starts with free evaluation mode for the Professional edition for 30 days and, if not registered, will continue with the free Foundation edition.

Download SVN 1.9.7 Binaries

Download for Windows
Windows 7+  
Size: 4,489,507 Bytes
SHA: c9e1fe8f65d97a585a3d51ef9f954936b0888519
Download for macOS
OS X 10.7+  
Size: 9,976,991 Bytes
SHA: f9b3e102229b0bf12def8e3b9bc3e77b1ac09454