Your dev team's ability to respond to all of my support and enhancement requests is amazing. Your company has been the best vendor of any product that my company uses.

Shawn Castrianni, Landmark

SmartSVN - it's just too good. After trialing it for about a week I purchased a license. It mops the floor with Xcode's Subversion support and allows me to do version control operations much faster than I could in the terminal. In general it makes so many things so easy that I find myself doing more with Subversion than I used to before.

Wincent Colaiuta, wincent.com

Agileco was in need of a version management tool for our billing solution. Our initial research into commercial options revealed that the closest fit was licensed on a per-seat basis and would cost nearly $1,000 for only several developers. We felt the price for this solution was high but if it worked it would be justified. We proceeded to test the server and client portions of the offering. It failed miserably - the interface was outdated and clunky, and the learning curve was difficult, and we simply could not get it to function in a manner that would meet our requirements.

After ruling out all the commercial options, we began exploring the options for SVN. The only product we could find that had a complete GUI for our developers was SmartSVN. We put it through its paces in our trial period and were so impressed at its performance that we purchased licenses well before the trial expired.

In terms of performance, the GUI performs quite well. The interface is both responsive and intuitive, there has been almost no learning curve - some of our team was familiar with CVS so this helps since SVN is similar to CVS. Never once have we needed to contact support and our team has found the need to consult the documentation on only a few occasions.

And most importantly, SmartSVN has proven itself as a reliable product, never letting us down or causing development delays.

So in the end, we have found that by combining SmartSVN with SVN and Trac, in the end we have a fully integrated SCM and Project Management system that allows our developers to collaborate like never before.

I thank SmartSVN for making an excellent GUI available - without their offering we would have never been able to implement SVN as we needed a cross-platform product since our developers are working on different platforms.

I hope this review will help other companies looking for a cost-effective way to implement enterprise level SCM & Project management.

Tony Landis, Agileco

Absolutely fantastic work! Congratulations to the development team. There's no way I could do my day job without SmartSVN.

Mike Hatfield, alfresco.com

SmartSVN is simply working. It enables flawless operation and enables access to SVN even to users that are not normally used to command line interfaces or are not programmers at all. It is our preferred SVN-client: For us it is working much better than the plug-in integrated into Eclipse.

Frank Burgdorf, Auerswald

SmartSVN has been vital in choreographing our team of developers. It is great to see a powerful developer tool of this caliber on the Mac platform.

Florian Dejako, Elgato

ESLX is an Electronic Systems Consultancy, and as such we have many customers with version control needs in addition to our own. One of the big issues faced in any organization is keeping the learning time to a minimum and maximizing the efficiency of our staff. As we made the change to Subversion, ESLX discovered SmartSVN. It was a perfect fit. Employees with experience in different version control environments found the interface to be intuitive and easy to use. Moreover, we are a multi-platform company with employees using Macintosh OS X, Linux, and even Windows. SmartSVN fits nicely because the user interface is the same on all platforms.

At first we used the free version exclusively, but eventually realized there was more power to be gained from the professional edition. Not all our users need this power, so we've been able to purchase just the right amount without being over extended financially like some other products force you to do.

David C Black, CTO of ESLX

We have been using SmartSVN for several years, and found it to be a wonderful tool. Some of our staff is not very technical, and SmartSVN has been much easier to adopt than other Subversion clients. The few bugs we have found were fixed immediately, and the support has been excellent. We highly recommend this product!

I have been using SmartSVN Professional for roughly a year now and SmartSVN for probably 2 years. I have to say it is a fantastic piece of kit, very snappy. I think, the most important thing for me is that it is quick to refresh after file changes have been made in explorer. Just wanted to say great job and keep it up!

Luke Titley, naturalmotion.com

I highly recommend SmartSVN and the cost is very reasonable for this high quality, feature rich product. In addition the makers of SmartSVN are very responsive to customer feedback and have short release cycles that get new features out to users fast. My company, Tecplot, has been very pleased with our purchase.

Michael at svnforum.org, Tecplot

When Type A Learning Agency migrated from CVS to Subversion, we tested all the Subversion clients and SmartSVN was the clear winner. We love the sorting and filtering features, and the flexible options for handling binary files. But in Type A's cross-platform company, the ability to use the same interface on every platform is probably the biggest benefit.