Use Tag+Branch|Add Tag to create a copy ('Tag') of your local working-copy in the tags directory of your repository. Name will be the name of the tag and Location shows the corresponding location. You can create two kinds of tags:

Repository Revision tags can be useful if your working copy contains local changes but you don't want them to be part of the tag. However, in this case you should make sure that your working copy actually corresponds to the revision which you plan to tag, i.e. you should do an update to that revision beforehand and make sure that there are no switched directories.

By default, SmartSVN will Abort if the specified tag already exists. Select Replace existing one to create the tag anyway, replacing the already existing tag.

Use Externals Revisions to specify how to handle externals revisions . For details refer to Copy To Repository.

This command is similar to Modify|Copy Local to Repository (see Copy To Repository), but is tailored to the special case of 'Tagging'.