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The password store can be protected by a master password, and each time you start SmartSVN, this master password has to be entered as soon as SmartSVN tries to access the password store for the first time. The entered password is kept in memory while the program runs, so you don't have to enter it again for the rest of the current session. You may choose Don't use a master password if you don't want the password store to be protected with a master password. However, this option is only recommended if you can make sure the master password file itself is protected against unauthorized access.

Master Password

By clicking on the Change Master Password button on the Authentication page in the preferences, you can set, reset or change the master password. Use Change master password to change the current password; this will preserve the stored passwords, but requires that you supply the Current Master Password. Note that you don't need to enter the Current Master Password if you are currently working without a master password.

If you have forgotten the master password, select Set new master password. In that case all previously stored passwords will be discarded. Enter the New Master Password and Retype New Master Password. When leaving both fields blank, you will continue to work without a master password, i.e. as if having selected the option Don't use a master password when you were asked to set the master password.