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Sets the URL used to check for new program versions.

Log Cache



The Log Cache uses repository UUIDs to distinguish between different repositories, i.e. to detect whether two repositories are identical even when different URLs are used to access them. The latter happens, for instance, if different protocols are used, e.g. "ssh://" vs. "https://". Although not recommended, sometimes a repository may have been created from another repository by simply copying the raw files. In that case both repositories will have the same UUID, which will confuse the Log Cache, and telling them apart is then only possible through their URLs. In a case like that, you may set this property to true.


These two properties allow you to adjust the "chill out cycles" for building the Log Cache. This works as follows: Suppose the "refreshChillOutCycle" and "refreshChillOutSeconds" properties have the values N and T, respectively. Then if N > 0, SmartSVN will sleep for T seconds everytime it has processed N revisions. If N = 0, no such chill out cycles will occur. As an example, if N = 1000 and T = 60, SmartSVN will sleep 60 seconds each time it has processed 1000 revisions. Adjusting these chill out cycles may help in taking off some load from a server that has many clients which are trying to build their Log Caches all at the same time. Warning: With these two properties, you can significantly slow down the building of the Log Cache, to the point of making it unusable. By default, they are set to: smartsvn.logcache.refreshChillOutCycle=0 and smartsvn.logcache.refreshChillOutSeconds=10