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If you are only rarely working with the Shell Integration and additional recursively modified state is not important to you, you may completely uninstall the service. This can be done via the Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs, selecting the SmartSVN installer, Change and within the installer using Change again.

Settings Directory

The Status Cache settings are stored in %COMMONAPPDATA%\SmartSVN\statuscache-1, which is usually C:\ProgramData\SmartSVN\statuscache-1. System properties can be configured in

titleKnown Issues

The SmartSVN Status Cache service runs under the system account and hence does not know about your SVN config file. Hence, global-ignores specified in this file will usually not be honored. There has been a workaround implemented for the common case where there is only one regular user account on your machine: in this case, the Status Cache will use this account's SVN config file instead. If this won't work for you, you may specify a custom SVN configuration directory in, using system property statuscache.svnConfigDirectory. For example: