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File attributes with SVN counterparts

Name(same)File name
Revision(same)Current revision of the file
Local StateScheduleTextual representation of the local state of the file
LockLock OwnerLock state of the file (see Locks)
Last Rev.Last Changed Rev.Revision in which this file has been committed
Last ChangedLast Changed DateTime of the last commit of the file
Text UpdatedText Last UpdatedTime of the last (local) update of the file's text; this attribute is set when the content of a file has been changed by an SVN command.
Props UpdatedProperties Last UpdatedTime of the last (local) update of the file's properties; this attribute is set when the properties of a file have been changed by an SVN command.
Last AuthorLast Changed AuthorLast author, i.e. who performed the last commit on the file
Typesvn:mime-typeThe file's type (see MIME-Type)
EOLsvn:eol-styleEnd-Of-Line Type of the file (see EOL-Style)
Keyw.svn:keywordsKeyword substitution options of the file (see Keyword Substitution)
Needs Locksvn:needs-lockWhether the file should be locked before working (see Change 'Needs Lock')
Executablesvn:executableWhether the file has the Executable-Property set (see Executable-Property)
Merge Infosvn:mergeinfoWhether the file has the Merge Info-Property set (see Merge Info): None for no Merge Info set, Empty for an empty Merge Info or Present for non-empty Merge Info.
Copy FromCopy From URL/RevLocation and URL from which this file has been copied (locally). This value is only present if the file is in Copied state

File attributes without SVN counterparts

Remote StateRemote state of the file (see Remote State)
Ext.The file's extension
Relative DirectoryParent directory of the file relative to the selected directory
File TimeThe local time of the file
Attrs.Local file attributes: R for read-only and H for hidden
SizeThe local size of the file
BranchThe tag/branch to which the file is currently switched. For details, refer to  Tag-Branch-Layout.
Change SetThe Change Set to which the file belongs.


Certain table columns require access to additional file system files when scanning the file system and therefore slow down scanning. The note within the View|Table Columns dialog tells you which columns these are.

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