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A cherry-pick allows you to take the changes from a single commit of another branch and apply these changes on top of the current branch. This operation is illustrated below:

Here, we have two branches and our HEAD is at commit F. Now we want to take the changes made in commit C and apply them on top of F.

In SmartGit, there are two ways to perform a cherry-pick, either from the main window or from the log window. In both cases, you have to first check out the branch containing commit F.

  • Main window: From the main menu, select Branch|Merge . On the Merge dialog that shows up, select the commit to cherry-pick from, then select the option Only the selected commits (cherry-pick). Finally, click on the Merge button to perform the cherry-pick operation.
  • Log window: On the Commits view, right-click on the commit to cherry-pick from. From the context menu, select Cherry-Pick. On the following dialog, choose whether you just want to apply the changes from the selected commit to the working tree, or whether you want to apply the changes to the working tree and commit these changes as well.
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