SVN client SmartSVN: Features

Compare SmartSVN Editions

SmartSVN is available in different editions. The following chart shows which features are present in which SmartSVN edition.

Supported Platforms Foundation Professional
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 + +
Linux + +
Mac OS X 10.7 and newer + +
Supported Access Methods/Working Copies Foundation Professional
SVN, SVN+SSH (including custom tunnels) + +
HTTP and HTTPs + +
HTTP-proxy support + +
file system (file://) + +
Supported Subversion Commands Foundation Professional
Basic commands: add, blame (annotate), checkout, cleanup, commit, copy, delete, diff, export, import, list, log, merge, mkdir, move, propdel, propedit, propget, proplist, propset, relocate, resolve, revert, status, switch, update + +
Merge Tracking + +
Tree Conflicts + +
Advanced copy operations: Working Copy from/to URL, URL to URL + +
Locking: lock, unlock, scanning for locks + +
Change Sets: organize changed files in task-related groups which can then be committed separately - +
Support for special properties: svn:executable, svn:eol-style, svn:externals, svn:ignore, svn:mime-type, svn:keywords, svn:special with project-specific defaults, svn:mergeinfo + +
Applying patches - +
Bugtraq properties support + +
Property content comparison + +
Local Log Cache for improved Log performance + +
Project-specific SVN options (in addition to and as a replacement for the SVN "config" file) + +
User Interface Foundation Professional
Standalone application, available on all platforms + +
Windows Explorer Integration, including recursively modified state + +
Smart Extensions Foundation Professional
Built-In Repository Browser to check out, create directories and remove files and directories + +
Available in Repository Browser: Copy and move files and directories, view file contents, view file log, Revision Graph, annotate and check out files, and compare directories - +
Revision Graph: show the "family tree" of a file or directory, including display of merge information - +
Compare local file against HEAD, previous revision, another revision, tag or any other local file - +
Compare two repository directories: See which files have been added/removed/changed. - +
Changes View: Shows detailed local changes + +
File Annotation display with multiple coloring schemes for a quick analysis of a file's history, optionally displaying the file content of all revisions -/+ +
Powerful commit: add, remove and commit files with one click and remove empty directories; include files from externals, even from foreign repositories, spell check support, Atlassian JIRA issue tracker integration - +
Detect moves: automatic detection of possibly moved or renamed files - +
Selecting revisions on the Log instead of entering revision numbers + +
Easy ignoring of files (by exact name or name pattern) and directories - +
Transactions-View (both, standalone and for the current project): keep yourself informed about new revisions within your projects, quickly compare files, etc. -/-/+ +
View Remote State of files and directories; see whether someone else has already committed a change on a particular file or directory - +
Structured command output with context-dependent actions - +
Mark File as Replaced + +
Guided fixing of rare working copy problems - +
Convenient Tag and Branch Management Foundation Professional
Short URLs, based on Tag-Branch-Layouts, supporting multiple tag and branch parent directories - +
Easy creation and deletion of branches and tags - +
Tag Browser, showing all tags and branches (sortable by name or revision number) - +
Tag Support for Switch and Merge - +
Display/Navigation Foundation Professional
Flat File view (allows seeing all files from subdirectories) + +
Display of directories containing uncommitted files + +
Filtering by file state (show/hide ignored, unversioned or unmodified files, remotely changed files, Change Set files) + +
Filtering by file name on file tables, includes regular expressions support + +
Customizable File Table sorting, also by multiple columns simultaneously + +
Multiple working copy root directories per project + +
Search for files by simply typing the file name (includes wildcard support) + +
Copying the path, name, relative path or URL of the selected files/directory to the system clipboard - +
Built-in Tools Foundation Professional
File Compare with detection of within-line changes and the ability to edit files + +
File Editor + +
Built-In Conflict Solver (3-Way-Merge) - +
External Tools Foundation Professional
Ability to use different external file compare tools (even for binary files) + +
Ability to associate files with external tools (e.g. file editors or viewers) based on file name patterns, also supports the system's program associations + +
Ability to use external tools for resolving conflicts + +
Miscellaneous Foundation Professional
Customize accelerators (keyboard shortcuts), popup menus and tool bars + +
Password manager remembers your server passwords and private key passphrases, protected with a master password + +
Structured project list: arrange projects in groups + +
Docking windows with configurable perspectives + +
Input dialogs with detailed instructions and immediate feedback on problems + +
Easy-to-use wizards provide assistance for complex or rarely used operations + +
Tool for removing all empty, versioned directories - +
Setup wizard for local SVN repositories + +
Drag-and-Drop support for various trees/tables and to other applications + +
Outstanding customer support + +